Where we ship

Hi Unleashed Women!
Following numerous and very welcome requests, we finally start selling online,
dedicated to you who have followed us with passion for a long time.
As you know, we are wholesalers and for many generations. In this big step we want
therefore protect those who have worked with us to date, the shopkeepers, who follow us from
years and with whom we have a close relationship.

So we will not sell or ship our garments in Lombardy, Piemonte and Piacenza where the concentration of our distributors (and therefore the availability of products) is already high.

For those who lived in these areas on our site HERE you will find their list. Go to the nearest shop, and be recognized as Women Unleashed, they will reserve you a special treatment!
I am sure you will understand our reasons, your appreciation is fantastic, but they are
even our dealers, great examples of small Italian entrepreneurship, who deserve the
ours and your support!
Continue to follow us to stay informed on the latest fashion trends and not
miss the inauguration date of our e-commerce.
See you soon, Unleashed Women !!!