Who we are

The Eclipse brand was born from the passion for Italian fashion of Claudio Panzacchi and Magda Fasoli .
Claudio comes from a family of traders specialized in textiles for three generations.
Magda starts from the basics, working in a women's clothing store, then decides to start her own business by opening a boutique in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan.
With the meeting between the two comes the desire to create something great together: the idea of founding a Made in Italy brand that brings with it the style of the refined and chic Milanese woman, whom Magda knows very well, under the expert guidance of Claudio in the management field.
Magda is dedicated to the product by designing models, combining fabrics and taking care of every detail to dress a strong, dynamic woman who wants to express her femininity.
Great attention is paid to the fit and research of the raw materials that characterize the Eclipse brand. Refined techniques applied to combinations of precious materials make Magda's ideas, already original, even more precious.
From Magda's experience in retail stores, the need to create a coordinated clothing line that helps today's woman, always busy between work and family, to dress easily without giving up being chic is evident. This also facilitates the purchase, thanks to outfits designed for a perfect look. Thus was born the Eclipse style , a marriage between feminine charm, elegance and "sport-couture" guided by a deep sartorial know-how.
Magda Fasoli - Eclipse stylist